Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I got up this morning with astonishingly great ease, had a cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of toast, anticipating my trip to the gym to tackle my biggest challenge so far after starting back on the ol' horse, er, treadmill.

My goal today: 60 minutes.

I got started and within two minutes realized that this was going to be a difficult 60 minutes. Within ten minutes my knees were aching and the back of my thighs were tightening up. But I kept going. It wasn't anything new that I was experiencing, so I didn't feel the need to stop.

Well, truth be told, I did feel the need, but I always feel the need to stop even before I start.

Since I recognized the pain and it was muscles just not cooperating and I figured it would get better within a few minutes.  

At 30 minutes, my knees were now feeling like ice picks were being jabbed into them and my legs were tightening up even more. I was worried about how I was going to get off that treadmill without having to bend my knees.    

But I made it and was able to slide off the treadmill and walk like Frankenstein over to a chair and sit down.

I got home and spent the day recovering, drinking lots of water and enjoyed a bottled margarita that I discovered in my refrigerator. To no surprise, I did have a nice nap after that.

It's now almost 10 p.m. and although I'm fatigued, I'm not in any distress, and I'm confident I'll live to see another day. My workout partner demanded that I stay home tomorrow and recuperate. 

Good idea...I will spend tomorrow doing my imitation of a potato.

Stay tuned...and have a great day...

Go me.


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