Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hope And Dishstress

I was just thinking about how I felt yesterday. I had a harder workout on Friday (two days ago) and thought I overdid it a little. But I woke up yesterday morning and felt pretty good. I decided to do the extra day for about 20 minutes on the treadmill (using a steeper incline, which is really helping my back), check my weight, and then float in the pool for about an hour.

After my 20 minutes, I could actually get off the treadmill without too much pain.

The scale needed to be double-checked: Another 7 pounds gone and now 57 pounds from where I started two years ago, and the lightest I've been in 12 years.

As I floated in the pool, it was the first time I've felt relaxed in quite a while.

Later that day, I was able to do the dishes and stack the dishwasher, although my wife said that can be my job from now on. So I'm still not sure about that victory...

But I am starting to feel a little hopeful, save for the dishstress.

Stay tuned...and have a great day...

Go me.


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