Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five Days a Weenie

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been focused on upping the challenge (that is, having it upped for me) of getting in a daily ritual with me any my treadmill. My workout partner Christina (or "Coachzilla," which is my term of endearment for her) has been keeping me on track and making sure that I only don't push myself beyond code blue. As a macho remnant, I do tend to want to do more than I should at times, to which I get a stern "no" from "Christina."  
Unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way around. If I say "no" then it's "too bad" from "Coachzilla."

I'm up to five times a week now but my speed isn't anything to brag about. Usain Bolt runs a 100 meter dash in the time it takes me to walk ten steps, but that's okay. Sometimes I get up to 2.0 MPH for 2-3 minutes, but for the most part, it's 1.0 MPH for 60 minutes...60 minutes which I wasn't able to do earlier this summer.

My knees still feel like they have knives sticking in them when I bend them, but that's bound to improve with time and strengthening...and ice.

Now that I have all this going, with the fall semester of college approaching, I have this time dilemma now, which involves juggling one vehicle between three people, in three different directions, since our hooptie car is down for the count. After our Monday midday workout, I lamented to Christina about my situation and she asked me what I thought about going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning. According to her, my eyes glazed over and I looked like I was in a state of shock, and I stammered some type of excuse about 5:30 in the morning being of the devil or something like that. Coachzilla kicked in and the battle was over.

By the way, Coachzilla is a play on two words - Coach and Godzilla - for those who need the explanation. In the movies, Godzilla crushed Tokyo. In real life, Coachzilla crushes excuses. The excuses are like Tokyo - they can be pretty big, but they don't stand in the way for long.

I'll spare the gory details, but somehow she managed to get me thinking that I could do this, and would meet me at 5:30 the following morning.

That night, I felt like I did when I took a statistics final in college 35 years ago. I felt totally unprepared for it, and all I could do was stress about it, and when I finally got to sleep, it was all I could do to stay asleep. Then I woke up at 3:30 the following morning, and after being up for an hour, I felt great...distress. To add insult to injury, I had another hour before I had to be at the gym.

I failed to mention one more thing...if I didn't do this, Coachzilla said that she would make it her mission in life to tell the world what a weenie I am if I didn't do this. She would even learn to blog to accomplish this.

I don't want people to know I'm a weenie.  I'm already a weenie, but I'd rather keep that to myself.

When I failed my statistics final, my professor said to me, "You do better luck next times," in his incredibly thick Chinese accent. He didn't call me a weenie.  

We got out to the treadmills and Christina made it easy on me, only working me for 40 minutes instead of an hour.  I was okay with that. Coachzilla was taking the day off, knowing it was a stretch for me to be there.

When the week was over, I managed to make it to the gym every morning that week, and I even added an extra day on Saturday, as I needed to get some calories burned for a wedding that evening; I heard they were serving barbecue, and I'm glad I did the extra day. Physically, I had a tough time at the wedding because I'm still overcoming a lot of pain. I would have loved to line dance, but the knees wouldn't allow it. I did get my barbecue and cake pop, though.

One thought: The best thing about last night was how I was able to witness the miracle of God in the way He brings two wonderful young people together to start a new life as a couple. When I think back about all that He did to bring my wife and I together 33 years ago, from opposite ends of this's mind blowing to think what events had to happen in order for that that happen.

If He can do that, He can grant me the grace needed to get over this weight thing...

Speaking of the weight thing:  I wish I could say the weight falling off like crazy, but it's steady, and as long as it's steady I'm good...I'll know more tomorrow morning, when I weigh in. Christina will be happy with the result or Coachzilla will be having a weenie roast. Time will tell.

Stay tuned...and have a great day...

Go me.


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  1. You cannot fail with Coachzilla by your side! Good for you for pushing through, John.