Sunday, April 21, 2013

Discipline Helps

I have to say it's been pretty simple so far this month.  So far I'm down 13 pounds since I started at the first of this month (April).  Unfortunately I'm having to lost back 13 of 19 pounds that I regained when I was off my exercise regimen.  Last fall, I was able to get down to under 450 pounds, all the way to 447 pounds, which was the 50-pound mark for me.  

Just to recap, I started in June 2011 at 500 pounds (at least); by working on my diet for a month before being talked into a gym membership.  I was off to a good start, then regressed due to injury.  I was down to about 460 pounds when I first injured myself, but I was fortunately able to maintain that weight for the nine months I was down.  When I started back again in July 2012 (a year after originally starting) I found myself having difficulty with the treadmill due to pain, so I started working out in the pool.  It's helped a lot, but it hasn't done much in relieving the pain.  I took some time off in the end of 2012, and was hit and miss until March, when I started getting more consistent.  During that time I hit that 50-pound mark and dropped down to 447 pounds; however, I gained back 19 of those pounds and wound up at 466 pounds at the end of March.   

I became more dedicated this month, watching calories and being faithful in getting exercise.  It's helped.
My goal is 22 pounds for the month; that'll put me at 444 pounds.  I'm 9 pounds away as I write this, and I'm confident that I'll reach it.

Here is a heads-up on some goal-setting that I'm doing, and my putting the numbers in perspective:

For April (as mentioned) my goal is 22 pounds, which will put me at 444 pounds, which is the lowest I've been in at least six years, when I was down to 442 pounds.  

For May, My goal is 23 pounds, which will put me at 419 pounds, the lowest I've been since 2001, when I was down to 415 pounds.  

For June, my goal is 20 pounds, which will put me at 399 pounds.  What makes this goal special is that my 18-year-old daughter, Kellie, has never known me to be less than 400 pounds.  So, this goal is for her, and it's emotional for me, even as I write this.  By the way, it'll also mark 100 pounds since I began.  Two years and 100 pounds.  Not a bad result.        

For July, my goal is 23 pounds, which will put me at 376 pounds, which is where I'll need to be to be able to take classes in the fall (I'll need to be able to move around between classes and sit in a desk).  

And for August, my goal is 22 pounds, and that will put me at 355 pounds.  This goal is for my oldest daughter.  My 22-year-old daughter, Lindsey, has never known me below 360 pounds.  Plus, this goal will put me near the 150-pound mark since starting, but, more importantly 100 pounds lost since I became dedicated to this in April.  It seems like a lot, but it's really simple to lose this much weight in such a short time span, especially weighing as much as I do. 

I have goals for the last four months of the year, but I'll wait until the summer to see what's realistic at that time, as rapid weight loss doesn't happen for a prolonged period of time.  

I credit four things which have helped:

1.  Desire.  I was tired of feeling this way once and for all.
2.  Simplicity.  Calorie counting is easy with the right tools.
3.  Understanding.  Through documenting all that I eat, I can see how easy it is to eat too many calories.
4.  MyFitnessPal.  My phone app which has really allowed me to keep track of what I'm doing.  

So, I write these down and put myself out there in the open for all to see.  Maybe I can inspire someone.   


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