Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Progress Report: Month 1

It's been one month since I started working out at the club. I'm still walking funny but I don't get eye boogers anymore and the zits are diminishing. I actually know my club ID number now, so I can rattle if off at the counter like the pros. I'm starting to become familiar with the regulars who come to the club at the same time I do. A couple of people came up to me to encourage me as they've battled the same condition and lost a lot of weight themselves.

So far, I'm down a total of 15 pounds since starting the gym and I'm down 25 pounds from my peak weight. I lost about 3 pounds a week the first three weeks and was down 10 pounds; however, in the fourth week I actually gained 4 pounds. Up to that point, I wasn't working too hard on my diet, and was pretty much eating normally, just not too much and little junk food. That left me with a net loss of 6 pounds going into the last week. The final week I cut out pasta and red meat, and that seemed to do the trick. I lost 9 pounds in the last week. Thus, I think I found a winning strategy.

I don't sweat as much walking out to the mailbox and I can actually stand for 10 minutes without looking like I'm about to have a heart attack. The pain is still there, but I'm starting to see some improvement.

I'm definitely getting encouragment. I get most of my encouragement from people on Facebook and in the comment section of my blog. It's great to read all the well wishes and it keeps me motivated. I get a lot of positives on Facebook every time I update my locaton to "GB3." I've been pleasantly surprised that a number of people encouraging me are those I don't normally hear from regularly, in additon to those people who normally comment regularly on my posts. What's interesting is that some people have been strangely silent for whatever reason, but I don't dwell on it too much.

Life being what it is, though, I don't get a standing ovation or a pat on the back when I hop off the treadmill, and there isn't a celebration for me when I get home at 11:30, as everyone at home is either asleep or watching television (in other words: life goes on); however, most nights I'll call my brother on the drive home from the club and we'll talk about my progress in addition to to discssing the things that are going on in our lives, and how great it'll be when the battle is over.

As it is, I still have to remind myself that the battle is still here today; however, I don't have to fight it alone.

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