Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In blogging, I got off to such a good start, but as time goes on, other things tend to take priority, so I take this time to get back on purpose.  I will be compiling "lessons" as I go through the day or week, and will continue to make regular postings on what I'm discovering as I move through this journey.  I'm finding it difficult to categorize everything and finding the time to cover it all.  I've come to realize that a good blog is going to capture one thing, which is the essence (good word, huh?) of what the author is all about.

So, I'm sort of moving aside (although I haven't discarded it) the Plain Brown Rapper moniker, and keeping it more in line with me and who I am, John Flores.  I can only wear one hat...well four, if you count my favorite sports teams, but one when it comes to blogging.

It's very easy to get down on myself and become my most "mentally vocal" critic, but that is exactly the time when I need to get up and keep moving on.  That, or eat donuts.  Personally, I prefer eating donuts, but that won't work very well for my future.

So I'm combining the personal, professional, spiritual, nutritional, and all the other "als" into my PBR blog, which will include my Company Si blogs, my devotional material, weight loss, insights for living, recipes for ice cubes, donuts, and pictures of my dog on this blog.  There are so many how-to blogs, but there's only one blog site that can only talk about what it's like to be ME.  The jury is still out on whether that's such a good thing, but it'll help keep the stress down.  Although, it's not the stress that'll kill us, but how we react to the stress.  See, we learned something already!

Have a great day!


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